About Us

Tony Ashcroft, Principal Physiotherapist and owner of Southern Physio

Tony graduated in 1992 and then went on to complete his post-graduate and Masters of Manipulative Therapy in 2003. His dissertation examined the role of exercise in managing tendon injuries. Tony is a highly experienced manual therapist. He has a vast experience working in a variety of settings. These range from working with International Sports Teams, manipulative therapy, occupational health and patients with chronic pain syndromes. Tony is very passionate about hands-on Physio and exercise based management of musclo-skeletal and persisting pain conditions. He also uses acupuncture and treats breathing disorders. Tony is also very interested in running based injuries. In his spare time he loves nothing more than to spend time with his young family and run the occasional ultra-marathon.

Karen Purdie, Physiotherapist

Karen is passionate about helping people from all walks of life to achieve all that they are capable of after injury or an operation. Karen works in 3 Rest Homes, encompassing and treating cardiorespiratory and neurological aspects of Physiotherapy. She is also a very skilled manual therapist Physiotherapist.

Karen is extraordinarily qualified; With 3 Bachelor qualifications (Psychology 1994, Science 1999 and Physiotherapy 2011). She also has a Diploma in Teaching and Policing, having worked in the Police force for 17 years. Predominantly in our local community in frontline roles.

Karen is a sports fanatic, she is a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Karate, and teaches children's karate and swimming.

Nicky Lundo-Nielsen, Receptionist

Nicky has worked at Southern Physiotherapy since 2004. During this time she has mastered the knack of reading Tony's absurd handwriting and has developed the patience of a Saint. You will find Nicky extremely obliging and always friendly.

Emma Rodgers, BHSc (Physiotherapy)

Emma is highly passionate about sports rehabilitation. A past New Zealand Badminton team representative herself, she has particular interest in timely and effective rehabilitation of sports injuries. Emma is a 'Crossfit' fanatic, she posses a wealth of musculo-skeletal physiotherapy skills and has a wealth of knowledge.

Caitlin Myocevich, BHSc (Physiotherapy)

Caitlin is a competitive dancer, she is a very enthusiastic and passionate Physiotherapist who well understands the rehabilitation process having been through it many times herself! Outside of work Caitlin is a dance teacher and dances herself for various troupes and organisations in Auckland.

Anna Wheeler - Receptionist

Anna is a well known Papakura 'icon'. Her sense of humour and warm greeting as you arrive in reception will ensure that you feel comfortable and looked after from the moment you arrive. Unlike Nicky, she cannot read Tony's handwriting.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call (09) 297 7119, fax (09) 297 7210 or email us at reception@southernphysio.co.nz

Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled, and can treat at home or in our clinic.
Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain
Our team have over 10 years of experience in treating chronic pain.

Sports injuries
Sports injuries
We aim to treat your sporting injury as efficiently as possible, returning you to your sport.
Joint and Nerve Pain
Joint and Nerve Pain
Southern Physiotherapy take pride in correcting debilitating joint and nerve pain.